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Customizable Business Apps

Configure Your Apps or Build Your Own

With this app-building software, you control everything from the look and feel to the functionality. The workflows, forms, fields, tables, reports, dashboards, and other app building blocks can be configured to match your unique business processes. You can even build your own apps from scratch with no need for coding or IT assistance. Custom app development has never been easier than with QuickBase.

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Easily Bring Your Data into QuickBase

Want to import your spreadsheet or CSV files? Connect QuickBase, in just a few clicks, with other cloud apps and sync automatically. Go from a database or data file to an active QuickBase app in minutes!

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Adapt Apps on the Fly

Your business needs constantly change, and so should your new business apps. With QuickBase, you can easily update any part of your application to meet a new requirement or business rule, a change to an existing process, and more. Making changes on the fly is quick and easy.

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Run Your Entire Business

With this easy-to-use app development software, you can run the operations of your whole business with single or multiple apps that exchange information seamlessly. Solve a wide range of problems within your business, from project management to sales management/CRM to human resources. Create a custom app suite that addresses your organization's specific needs.

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Make Your Business Mobile

Consumers and clients love using mobile apps, with as many as 91% of top brands providing mobile applications. Having an elegant, usable app is important for the vast majority of businesses, with many turning to expensive agencies or requiring in-house programmers for getting a valid solution. Our app-creation software empowers you and your team to easily create a better mobile application. QuickBase brings the power of hundreds of pre-made business apps. Customize them to meet your exact needs.

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QuickBase brings the power of hundreds of ready-made business
apps; customize them to meet your exact needs.

Vacation Calendar
Kathy Marohl

I have created a Time Off Calendar so that you can record scheduled time away from the office.

HR Management - Exch Ver 2.1
Crystal Bay Solutions

This application enables small organizations to manage basic HR functions other than payroll and benefits.

Our business is constantly evolving and the fact that our QuickBase application can change and evolve with us is priceless.

Mike Nelson, COO, PWT
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