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Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Trinity is a QuickBase development partner focused on business process improvement. We assist clients in achieving improvements in service, efficiency and quality through custom database solutions and applications. Companies do not have the time for long, drawn out projects. We specialize in quickly driving projects from concept to implementation.

Business Skill
  • Application Development
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Integration with other Software
  • Training
  • Technical Support
Technical Skill
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Ruby

Add-On Products From Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

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    TrinityAudit    Apps     (0 Reviews)
    TrinityAudit enables teams to create their own audit and QC checklists and track audit compliance.
  • Product logo
    TrinityAuditLogger    Apps     (0 Reviews)
    TrinityAuditLogger is one of the most advanced and full featured record and field loggers for QuickBase
  • Product logo
    TrinityCalendar    Apps     (0 Reviews)
    TrinityCalendar provides the ultimate way to view and schedule calendar based data. Visualize your data in a whole new way!
  • Product logo
    TrinityCharts    General    
     (1 Review)
    TrinityCharts gives you the ability to create stunning, animated and interactive charts to enhance your QuickBase application.
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    TrinityScan    Apps     (0 Reviews)
    TrinityScan can help you integrate barcode scanning into your QuickBase apps and mobile apps for complete flexibility.
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    TrinityScheduler    General     (0 Reviews)
    TrinityScheduler allows you to create scheduled tasks that backup, move, add or delete data from your QuickBase applications.
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    TrinitySync    Integration     (0 Reviews)
    TrinitySync enables you to store and manage files on Dropbox and Amazon S3 for enhanced flexibility in data storage options.

Customer Reviews: Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

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Trinity Calendar.... Outstanding Product

By  Travis | March 07, 2016

This partner review is for: Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Our company worked with Trinity to integrate the Trinity calendar into our existing QuickBase project management app. The results were stellar. Their team of professional and knowledgeable staff was easy to work with and acted quickly to build our calendar. Our business has to manage many resources and this tool maximizes the efficiency of utilizing those resources. Our team is happier since their day to day responsibilities have been made easier. We highly recommend the Trinity team for any of your QuickBase needs.


By  David Hawe | August 20, 2013

This partner review is for: Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

I manage an Enterprise QuickBase account for my company and had a need to build charts beyond the capability available natively in QuickBase. TrinityCharts built a solution perfect to our needs embedded into pages within our QuickBase applications. Very professional and pleasant interaction via email and telephone.

Great to work with!

By  Christina M. Lopez of Carroll Collins Bail Bonds | May 02, 2013

This partner review is for: Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Trinity has been developing and supporting our QuickBase applications for over 4 years and we can't say enough good things about them. In the beginning they helped us understand cloud based applications and how they could benefit our business, they've coached us along the way to help us improve our business practices and how to best implement them in QuickBase and they've provided unparalleled support. Whenever we need an enhancement they are very responsive to get it done quickly and at a reasonable cost to a small business. We can't tell you how much we appreciate the support they have provided. You'd think we were a big company!

Customer Review of QB Parner Trinitiy Integrated Solutions

By  Lindsey Thomas | April 04, 2012

This partner review is for: Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Trinity has provided Southwest Airlines with on-demand development assistance on one of our enterprise planning databases. We've worked primarily with Analyst / Engineer Charles Guilbert. Charles has consulte with us on the most optimal solution design, and then implemented the changes required. Charles has been knowledgeable, easy to work with, and highly responsive. The Trinity organization has been easy to work with on all counts.

Expert Development Support

By  Laura Hillier | April 04, 2012

This partner review is for: Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

I have been working with Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc. for almost two years. Charles Guilbert has been a critical part of my own development services for QuickBase customers. Using his expertise, my clients have been able to leverage QuickBase to give them the custom interfaces and custom reporting features that otherwise eludes them. From generating a quotation that looks like the output document to performing complex calculations across hundreds of records of data and presenting the results in a simple dashboard interface, Charles was able to show that QuickBase truly is the database of choice for flexibility and function. I highly recommend Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc. for their QuickBase enhancement capability. Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc. deliver on both service and results that will help your applications reach a higher level.

Great Partner for PM Solution

By  Kevin Rounds | April 04, 2012

This partner review is for: Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Trinity has been a great partner as we've developed a very complicated Project Management application in Quickbase. They are very knowledgeable and responsive. They quickly understood our business and our needs to help provide the solution we needed.

Rising to all of the challenges

By  Christina Nihsen | April 04, 2012

This partner review is for: Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

I have worked closely with Trinity through Prime Therapeutics Quickbase Database for 3 years now. Prior to this it was at an arm's length. We throw many challenges their way and Scott and team always come through to assist and create new databases or reports or functions within our current databases that help us save time, money and to support our client's and our internal needs at the highest level.

Trusted Partner

By  Russell Hines | April 04, 2012

This partner review is for: Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Trinity has supported Prime Therapeutics for eight years with professional business consulting and technical development of mission critical Quickbase applications and processes. Lead by Scott Burday, Trinity is truly a force multiplier by delivering results in days that an internal IT Team would weeks. Dependable, Responsive, Expert, Partner only begins to describe Trinity.

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