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By: Veilsun, Inc.

ConstructBase is an end-to-end QuickBase App for Construction. Manage your sales, projects, and customer relationships from a single cloud app and integrate directly with QuickBooks. The application has three modules:
  1. CRM: Manage your sales pipeline and customer relationships
  2. Project Management: Always know the status of your jobs as your crew updates progress from the field in real-time
  3. Financial Management: Track the entire lifecycle of your customers in one system - from the first contact to the final invoice
Benefits Include:
  • Seamlessly Manage Your Business from End to End
  • Centralize Info
  • Simplify Scheduling
  • Improve Project Management & Collaboration
  • Manage Profitability with Executive Reporting
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Manage Risk & Compliance in Real Time

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