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App for managing marketing communications materials, i.e. branding guidelines, logos, images, banner ads, emails, datasheets, case studies, etc.

Marketing All-In-One

Includes Marketing Programs, Customer References, Collateral and Press Releases all in one easy-to-share application.

When Teams Work like Teams Should

Bring all of your teams together — sales, marketing, research, creative, product, and PR — to make your marketing efforts more effective, coordinated, and consistent. Safely distribute essential data with staff and partners. Enable users to access and share information from one central database. Implement online marketing software that encourages communication and creates a fast-paced, collaborative environment within your organization.

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Organize Processes with Style

Whether your goal is to track the effectiveness of a marketing initiative, organize an event calendar, or schedule and execute an email blitz, QuickBase can help. With us, you can custom-build marketing management software to track the information you find most important and to meet the needs of your specific business or marketing agency. Forms, fields, tables, reports, dashboards, and other app building blocks can be configured to match unique processes.

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Improve Accountability

When you have a new campaign or project, you may now suddenly have hundreds of tasks to delegate and complete. Use our online marketing software to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Automate workflows and repetitive tasks with smart forms, alerts, notifications, and reminders. Send nurturing emails to sales leads, keep track of replies, and make sure your team stays on task.

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Stay on Top of Progress

Unlike other, canned, ready-made online marketing software options, QuickBase has diverse reporting capabilities, which can be created with easy-to-use drag-and-drop dashboards. Access control enables you to share the right information with the right stakeholders, whether that's your team, vendors, or partners. Track projects and key metrics with a variety of report types, from summary reports to charts, maps, timelines, and calendars. Enable users to filter, sort, group, search, and modify existing reports or create their own with the report builder.

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Manage Campaigns Better

It's time to track the work being done in your company with a marketing management system that's built, essentially, for you. It's also customized by you, without any coding knowledge required. Pull information from other cloud-based applications into one central location, and then access it anywhere, even while on the go. It's time to start improving your marketing processes and effectively managing them from start to finish. With QuickBase's software for marketing, you can direct every campaign better.

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Immediately accessible, single-screen overviews of individual projects and entire engagements help us provide clients with critical information that can affect marketing plans immediately. And because our clients are leaders in the IT industry, they appreciate the real-time visibility QuickBase provides.

Bob Tabke, President, TDA Group
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