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Set deadlines, track issues, and execute tasks with ease.

IT Management & Help Desk Software

Clean up your IT backlog faster with these ITSM apps:

Feature and Bug Tracker

Everyone wants to track bugs their own way. But that doesnt mean you have to use a spreadsheet or develop your own software.

IT Ticket Help Desk

Solve problems for internal employees and company contacts with this IT ticket help desk app.

Save Time with Your IT Processes

It’s time to handle every call, every process, and every IT ticket more efficiently. With QuickBase, you can prototype, design, develop, and deploy fully customized, cloud-based help desk tracking software that will enable you to better serve the needs of your entire organization. Try our software now and start making positive changes in hours or days, not weeks or months. Cut down the development cycle and help your company move ahead at full speed.

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Track Your Most Important Jobs

Whether your goal is to manage IT projects, assets, issue tracking, or service requests, QuickBase can help. Forms, tables, fields, reports, dashboards, and other app building blocks can be configured to match your unique IT processes. As your business evolves, you can adapt and change your online help desk management software to meet those needs.

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Automate Your IT Workflows

Our help desk management software allows you to automate workflows and repetitive tasks with smart forms, notifications, alerts, and reminders. Improve user satisfaction and create time to drive the strategic impact of your technology resources. Need data from other apps? Connect QuickBase, in just a few clicks, with other apps and sync data automatically in the cloud. That way, you’ll have a central database of all of your workflow information.

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Stay on Top of Key Metrics

Create simple drag-and-drop dashboards to share just the right information with stakeholders, including your help desk or employee service team, IT employees, vendors, and department managers. Track information technology projects and key metrics with a variety of report types from summary reports to charts, maps, calendars, and timelines. Enable users to filter, sort, group, search, and modify existing reports or create their own with the easy-to-use report builder.

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Solve Issues Faster

Having effective documentation systems is an essential part of organizing the modern IT department. Using QuickBase’s IT management software empowers employees and managers to adapt, change, and create more effective tracking systems. Don’t let an antiquated database drag down turnaround times of simple IT problems that can be easily fixed. Make your IT department great with our customizable help desk management software.

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QuickBase helped CLEAResult lay the groundwork for measurable, traceable data. That solid foundation has served us well as we've grown.

Chad Brustin, Professional Services IT Manager, CLEAResult
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